World Water Day

World Water Day

Happy World Water Day!

World Water day is an annual United Nations Observance celebrating water and raising awareness of those who don't have access to safe water. 

The bigger picture.

Currently 771 million people (1 in 10) don't have access to safe water. For those affected, this is more than just a water crisis.

  • Health Crisis: Every 2 minutes, a child dies from a water-related disease and approximately 1 million people die annually from water, sanitation, and hygiene related diseases.
  • Education Crisis: Children are with-held from proper education due to time spent collecting water.
  • Economic Crisis: $260 billion is lost globally due to the global water crisis.

Access to safe water is a luxury many take for granted. So for World Water Day we challenge you to think about how you are using your water. 

 World Water Day at Designer Tanks

Today we will enjoy and appreciate our water. Water conservation is our passion at Designer Tanks. Our business was founded with a clear goal to help Kiwi's be more sustainable with how they use their water. Rainwater harvesting among other practices is one of the best things we can do to save water. 

Learn more about the importance of rainwater harvesting here.

Find out more ways to save water at 

Want to help?

Donating is the best way to help. The following organisations all work tirelessly to make an impact. Help them make a bigger difference. Even just $1 will help.

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