Tips on Saving Water Outside Your Home

Tips on Saving Water Outside Your Home


Washing your vehicles and pets

Washing your vehicles and pets with a bucket of water instead of a hose will help save water. Washing your car or pet on the lawn will also have the added benefit of watering the lawn at the same time. Try filling your bucket with rainwater you have collected and use this instead of tap water. 


Watering your garden

Choose the best time of the day to water your garden. The number one choice is early in the morning when the temperatures are cooler. This means the plants are more relaxed and able to easily take in nutrients and also provides the water for the plants to take on the heat of the day. Second choice is early in the evening.

Make sure to water at the base of the plant concentrating on the soil and root zone. slow and gentle watering is the best way to water. Avoid watering foliage as this can sometimes damage the plant.

Rainwater is the perfect alternative for watering your garden, it is clean, soft and free. Fill your watering can up from your tank and water your plants - They will love it.


Clear your Paths and driveways with a broom

Sweeping your driveway and paths with a broom rather than hosing them clean is a great way to save water. A broom and dustpan will get paths and driveways clean without wasting litres of water.


Use a handheld hose with a trigger nozzle

A trigger nozzle lets you stop and start the water flow from your hose instantly. You can direct water where you need it without wasting a drop. Most trigger nozzles are adjustable enabling you to use a fine mist, a hard jet or in between depending on what you need to use the water for. Just make sure to turn it off when you have finished otherwise the hose may spring a leak.


Use mulch to retain moisture

By adding mulch to your garden you can cut evaporation by up to 70%. Mulch protects the soil from the drying effects of the wind and sun. There are many different types of mulch you can use. You just need to make sure the soil is moist before adding the mulch to your garden. 


Try rainwater harvesting to save water

Setting up a rainwater harvesting system at home has never been easier. Check out our range of rainwater harvesting tanks, they come as a complete kit which includes the tank, tap and downpipe diverter.

They are easy to install, simply drill into the downpipe and tank with the drill bit provided, connect the diverter to your downpipe and tank and your tank is ready to go. 


The rainwater can then be used for watering your garden and washing your vehicles and pets. 

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