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Company Profile

Based near the Hamilton Airport in the mighty Waikato, Designer Tanks works with other like-minded people to bring Graf Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting tanks to people and organisations across New Zealand.

Core to our beliefs is that we shouldn’t waste rain by letting it flow from our roofs into the council stormwater systems without catching as much as possible to reuse in our gardens and around our home.

We aim to make rainwater harvesting accessible and stylish to all by offering a wide range of rainwater harvesting tanks to suit all homes and budgets.

Our story:

In May 2018, Chloe went to Outward Bound to scare herself and see what she was truly made of (and scared she was!!). At the end of the infamous solo, they had to carry their ablutions to the cleaning station where it was all processed and cleaned through some very sophisticated filtration units before becoming drinking water for Anakiwa, the home of Outward Bound. As everyone was gagging over the task at hand, one of the fantastic leaders explained that although this might seem gross and distasteful, he didn’t want to be one day having to explain to his future children that yes, we did historically use our drinking water to flush our toilets. This struck a very deep chord with Chloe and she went away mulling this over for some time to come.

In true Chloe style, she told anybody who would listen (even when they tried not to!) about this revelation and then thought, right, well, what can I do about it .. at this point, the wonderful Ingrid and Ange were “encouraged” to become part of the journey and we embarked on GOAM - Girls On A Mission!! A company owned by women, for women.

We were fortunate to be offered the opportunity to bring Graf Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting tanks to New Zealand, a few wines later and Designer Tanks was formed and we were off!

Our team:


Chloe lives in Cambridge with her husband Steve, her two human children Emma and Ben and two fur children Milly and Max. She comes from an IT background and has been a Project Manager for the better part of 15 years in both large enterprises and small family-owned businesses.

When she isn’t working, you will find her running the trails or doing Yin Yoga. By her own admission, she is not a “natural athlete” and has to work very hard to achieve her goals, including her first ultra-marathon at Tarawera last year. Body (and COVID) willing, she is aiming for her first Taupo Half Ironman in March 2021. People often ask her why she loves trail running so much and her response is always the hard work, discipline and consistency required to achieve the distances make me so much stronger in every area of my life.


Ingrid also lives in Cambridge with her husband Dave. Together they have three boys Sam, Nathan, and Daniel.

Ingrid had worked as a dispensary technician in pharmacy for quite a number of years (lots!!) and one day while out walking with Chloe, where she had no option but to listen to the Outward Bound story, the idea of GOAM - Designer Tanks came up. It was something Ingrid also felt quite passionate about so she jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

Ingrid hung up her technician hat and went about her massive career change joining Designer Tanks. 


Ange grew up in the Waikato on a dairy farm with her three big brothers, a healthy veggie garden, mum and builder/farmer dad, and never really gave using water a thought. They never worried about where their water was coming from, as they had access to a natural spring, pump and 25,000-litre water tank. 

Fast forward 25 years and she is married to Dougal and has two lovely children, Lachie and Georgia. Originally living in town they watched the urban spread and global issues relating to water and waste as well as many debates relating to chemicals in our water. 

All of a sudden she began to think about water a lot, both in terms of what we are teaching our children, and the legacy we are leaving behind us.


From left: Ange, Ingrid and Chloe.