Auckland Consents

For our Auckland friends and whanau we have created a page specifically for you as we often receive questions that are specific for your region and relate to your consents process.

Will I need a Building Consent?

For the tanks in our Designer Range and the smaller tanks in our Essential Range, the general answer is no, you do not need a building consent. This is provided the tanks are not plumbed to any internal plumbing, are not placed on any supporting structure such as a platform, and are not placed near the edge of a retaining wall. For more information see the Auckland Council "Do I need a consent - Rainwater tank" tool by clicking here.

What about Resource Consent?

Currently, rainwater tanks over 1m in height are defined as being a "building" and these have certain Auckland Unitary Plan standards they must meet in relation to their placement versus bulk (their size - includes height and volume).

As long as you stick to being within the parameters of the standards, and your property is not in a special character or historic zone, then you may not need a resource consent.

Tanks in our Designer and Essential ranges will make it easy to achieve this.

There is a handy tool on the Auckland Council website located here, that will help answer if you need a consent for a rainwater tank and other useful tips on placement can be found here.