The Importance of Rainwater Harvesting

The Importance of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is quite simply collecting water off your roof. This water would normally end up in the existing storm water system which quite often means it is literally going to waste. By installing a rainwater harvesting tank we can all be doing our bit to help conserve water and lessen our carbon footprint.


The practice of rainwater harvesting is becoming a lot more popular as it provides us with an alternative source of water to water our gardens, pot plants, wash the car and even the dog. Climate change means our weather patterns are changing and we are facing longer dry spells quite often followed by bursts of heavy rain. Having a rainwater harvesting tank enables you to collect and store rainwater for use over the long dry spells when we are also faced with water restrictions.

Rainwater is free, easy to collect and a more environmentally friendly way of using water around the outdoors at home. It helps ease your water bill and also increases the households water resilience. It also helps to manage stormwater runoff which in turn reduces the water load placed on council networks and waterways which seem to be becoming more overwhelmed as our communities grow.

We have an extensive range of rainwater harvesting tanks that are a viable and stylish option for you to get started. Our Designer and Essential range of tanks come as a complete kit. This includes the tap and the diverter which connects to your downpipe. The diverter even comes with the drill bit so all you need is an electric drill and you are ready to install. 




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