Speedy Diverter

Speedy Diverter

Installing a Speedy Diverter

You've made the decision to collect rainwater to water your lovely garden, congratulations! I'm sure you now have a few questions, how does the water get from the downpipe into the tank? What happens when the tank is full? Does it just spill out the top of the tank and go everywhere? Do I need a plumber to install the diverter? 




 The Speedy downpipe diverter is a unique product that is easy to install and can be installed in as little as 5 minutes! Once installed the Speedy diverts around 90% of the water from your downpipe into your rainwater harvesting tank. Once the tank is full it automatically pushes the rainwater back down the downpipe into the storm water system. The Speedy is designed for DIY installation coming complete with the drill bit required to get the job done.

Some of the benefits include:

  • No need to cut or remove your downpipe
  • It works regardless of the distance between the downpipe and your wall
  • Including filter and overflow function
  • Downpipe sizes 70-100 mm
  • Includes a core drill and connection seal
  • Can be fitted to aluminium or PVC downpipes.  



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Julie on

Hi, Do you sell the Speedy diverter? Can’t find it in the products section. Regards

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