Rainwater Harvesting For Your Garden

Rainwater Harvesting For Your Garden

Rainwater harvesting is the perfect alternative for watering your garden.

Whether you want to save some money on your water bill or have an interest in conserving water, collecting rainwater for your gardens may just be the answer.

With extended water restrictions coming in to play more and more, it makes sense to harvest as much rain water as you can. This can be used in the drier months when rain is normally scarce.

For plants, there's no better water than rainwater. It's clean, naturally soft and free. Making it ideal for your garden and your indoor plants. Once you've done the watering, you can sit back and watch your plants flourish.    


Just a small sample of some of our beautiful Designer range installed at their new homes. Most of the Designer Range come with a planting cup. Once you have used the lining mat provided and filled with soil you can plant anything you choose - vegetables, herbs, flowers, or succulents.      

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