Planter Cup

Planter Cup


Most of the Designer range of our rainwater harvesting tanks come with either an integrated or removable planting cup. They also come complete with a planting mat to line the planting cup. This creates a dual-function tank for rainwater harvesting and decoration.

Once you have your tank installed it is then time to plant. To start the process you need to lay the planting mat in the bottom of the planting cup. This provides a lining and prevents the roots from ending up in the tank. After this step has been done you can then fill with soil and select what you would like to plant.

As you can see in the photos there are many options and you are only limited by your imagination. Below are just some of the ideas we have heard from our clients to create their own individual design.

  • Grow some vegetables like lettuce or you could plant cherry tomatoes and let them cascade over the side.
  • Plant succulents, cacti, herbs, annuals or perennials.

 With the 2in1 ranges of Designer rainwater harvesting tanks the planter cups can be removed for replanting or cleaning.

Using our range of Designer rainwater harvesting tanks provides you with an attractive and functional addition to any garden.                                                                                                    



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